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TRIO-Pittsburgh Factsheet

Transplant Recipients International Organization, Inc. (TRIO) is a non-profit international organization committed to improving the quality of lives touched by the miracle of transplantation through support, advocacy, education, and awareness. Through the TRIO International Office in Washington, DC, a network of chapters throughout the United States and the world, TRIO provides a range of services to its community, including Awareness, Support, Education and Advocacy.

Green RibbonSince its incorporation in 1987, TRIO has grown tremendously. A network of chapters, with many support groups in varying phases of development, provides a peer-counseling support system and facilitates programs to educate the public about the acute need for donation.

TRIO Facts

TRIO LogoTRIO's symbol is the Tree of Life (a registered trademark). With its intertwining branches, it represents the intertwining of the lives of two human beings, the donor and the recipient, through the Gift of Life. Green, the color of growth and new life, was chosen for the tree to reinforce the new beginning transplantation gives to the recipient.

TRIO's accomplishments are many - both through the International headquarters in Washington, DC and local chapters worldwide. TRIO has:

  • Established itself as the primary organization representing transplant candidates, recipients, donors and their families for the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Division of Transplantation.
  • Advocated for legislation that created National Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Week (NOTDAW). This national endeavor has now grown into "National Donate Life Month." TRIO and the transplant community now celebrate Donate Life Month throughout the month of April each year.
  • Co-sponsored National Donor Day with Saturn and the United Auto Workers. National Donor Day is an annual event held on the Saturday closest to Valentine's Day each year. Saturn car retailers across the country open their show rooms to TRIO chapter and members to share the important donor awareness message.
  • Co-sponsored the National Donor Sabbath Weekend with HHS's Division of Transplantation. TRIO members work closely with their spiritual leaders to share the donor awareness message with followers at services the second weekend in November.
  • Testified before Congress about regulations that affect organ and tissue donation and transplantation. TRIO works closely with Senators and Congressmen to ensure that the patient and donor family's voice is heard.

TRIO continues to work on behalf of transplant candidates and recipients by advocating for extension of Medicare's immunosuppressive drug coverage and for other bills of concern to candidates, recipients, donors, and donor families.





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